Raywin showed on International Agricultural Exhibition China together with Yuchai


October 26, 2016, the annually "China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as the "China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition") opened in Wuhan, Hubei. As the first in Asia, the world famous professional exhibition, The full display of the exhibition, including transport machinery, harvesting machinery, irrigation and water conservancy construction machinery, garden machinery and other agricultural equipment sector products, Design/manufacturing technology, process and equipment. Raywin together with Yuchai  become a to beautiful scenery on the International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. 

China International Agricultural Exhibition to use "innovation, open, green, sharing, coordination" as the theme, Will play an important role in boosting market confidence, passing policy signals to promote technological innovation, close docking market, strengthen international exchanges and so on. Raywin use "engine of agriculture, control the future" as the slogan. Highly work out the new engine to meet the Stage III, Europe III emission standards, fuel consumption is low, no cylinder liner tunnel structure is more rigid, easy maintenance, small size, light weight, high power’s  perfect product.

Raywin showed newest technology and products: 4D24 T series engine, 4D24 series engine and 3C11 series engine. Highly attracted the profession audience’s view. 

Raywin launched well designed,  forever experimenting and devising tests --- Diesel engine 4D24T. In the most prominent place in the front of the booth, Placed a black, silver color collocation for 4D24T prototype engine. The prototype engine once launched, it has the advantages of compact structure, small size, exquisite appearance, light weight and so on, in the booth attracted a large number of audience attention.

Series NVH, which has optimization of combustion, low noise, small vibration, to achieve the advanced level of international similar models. The engine has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight (no more than 100KG), convenient arrangement of tunnel type non cylinder jacket body, good rigidity, low oil consumption, high power and high speed, so that it is not lost in a low-key noble. Meanwhile, the 4D24 series engine with low noise, small vibration, reached the international advanced level of similar models, equipped the international well-known brands of fuel pump, with oil separator, can be equipped with electronic fuel lift pump, fuel adaptability, show their own unique advantages.

many agricultural equipment manufacturers have been brisk attracted by Raywin prototype engine, and a long time to stop watching carefully, and asked in detail about the performance of the engine, the sales policy. When the audience knows the engine is designed by international R & D team, quality assured by the international first-class supplier and produced by advanced production line manufacturing of Yuchai plant, customers said that it is lacked in domestic of such high quality, small displacement engine products comparable to imported.

Raywin's products are so popular, due to the relentless pursuit of the innovation driven development and agricultural, agronomic practice, successful integration of the Internet and other advanced technology. In order to meet the demand of domestic and foreign off road machinery for high quality Chinese diesel engine, Raywin relying on the national research and development center of Yuchai group, with Italy, Britain and Japan and other international expert team, took three years to develop a new generation of energy-saving compact non road diesel engine. The first model is to meet the requirements of China's non road stage III emissions, the product has a reliable, compact, efficient, environmentally friendly, low noise advantages .