Raywin has launched after-sales service smoothly


With batch Raywin’s products go to market, after-sales service preparations are completed on schedule.

In order to serve to our uses with high effective and superior quality, Raywin has signed the after-sales service agreement with Yuchai share company, Raywin will share the existing mature after-sales system of Yuchai Shares to its users; Meanwhile, according to the characteristics of the product, to complete the preparation of basic documents; On the basis of the preparation of the basic documents, the company recently completed the service training to each service station, The training content includes "Raywin off road diesel engine” “Raywin series diesel engine structure  training” “Electrical control system, mechanical structure, Electrical strategy and ECU refresh and writing”

Through training, each service station to do a comprehensive after-sales service preparatory work, be ready for any time and any where.