Quality Casts Strength, Wisdom Makes Brilliant


During 27th to 30th November, Bauma China 2018 was held at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai .With the 3C11G3 diesel engine and the YC4D24T00 diesel engine, Raywin Powertrain Technology Co.,LTD participated the the exhibition and shined on the global machinery enterprise competitive stage.



In the exhibition stand, which is more than 100 square meters, the high-end atmosphere  Raywin products attracted international viewing groups and professional audiences from many economic markets around the world. They were attracted by the unique appearance and the international leading levelof the products. Also, they are in great cooperation intention with Raywin Powertrain.



The two diesel engines are compact in structure, small in size and light in weight. They are conducive to unilateral maintenance and have the characteristics of low noise and low heat load. They have reached the advanced level of similar international models and use internationally renowned brand fuel pumps. The adjustment rate is within 1 %. and the engines meet the standard of China’s National Emission Level Stage III.


The 3C11G3 diesel engine, uses a mechanical DB pump fuel system with a power coverage of 7-18 .5 KW. The discharge meets the Euro III standard and this engine are applicable for power generation, marine power, high-speed transplanters, planters, and air compressors.


YC4D24T00,This diesel engine adopts the electronically controlled VP pump fuel system with a power coverage of 18.5-60KW.The emission reaches Chinese Non-road Stage III, It is suitable for forklifts, loaders, air compressors, excavators, tractors, aerial work platforms. etc.

Next year, RAYWIN will officially launch the R24-T4 light diesel engine that meets the Chinese Non-road Stage Ⅳ, which will have higher reliability, environmental protection, lower  fuel consumption and noise.

“Wisdom makes vision,, vertical and horizontal view”, RAYWIN will continue to create superior products, committed to intelligent, environmental protection transformation and upgrading, and constantly march to the international stage, show RAYWIN strength, and the majority of partners to go forward hand in hand!