Industrious Cultivation of Raywin In 2018, Making Innumerable Great Achievements


2018 is a year of rich and fruitful growth in Raywin. Because of accurate product positioning, good product performance and excellent user experience, more and more customers around the world accept Raywin brand.

In 2018, Raywin occupied a place among customers in key industries such as petroleum, telecommunications, Unicom and water resources in China and was widely used. It completed 1000 hours maintenance-free test with well-known domestic telecommunications enterprises and achieved success, opened the door of international high-end telecommunications, and was moving towards higher requirements in the military field. In this context, in order to better serve the market demand, the domestic production mode and sales mode are strategically adjusted to face the market in a more efficient way and to meet the diversified needs of customers.

In 2018, Raywin successfully opened overseas markets through in-depth exchanges and cooperation with overseas customers and international well-known exhibitions such as Canton fair, agricultural and forestry exhibition, EIMA exhibition, BAUMA exhibition and maritime exhibition.In the first cooperation with famous west African generator set enterprises, already got 1,000 purchase orders , strategic cooperation was reached with  TOP3 Turkish power generation enterprises, and in-depth cooperation  with customers in Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East.Overseas market orders are pouring in this year, Raywin products are more and more received by overseas customers.

Raywin completed goals one by one in 2019, Raywin will Make persistent efforts to strengthen management, continue to promote in internal market, and  let more high-quality customers to use our products.Raywin will truly become the real first-class non-road small power diesel engine suppliers in the future.