Make further progress


In 2018, under the guidance and support of the board of directors, Raywin invested a lot of resources in foreign markets and industrial markets, and carried out fruitful work. The whole market was fully opened, and the output increased by more than 300% compared with last year. Not only the quantity, but also the quality of the customers have been comprehensively improved.

Around Europe and the Middle East, Africamarket abroad, in Italy, Britain, eastern Europe, southeast Asia more than 10countries, Raywin, with high reliability and excellent performance ofproducts, got the favour of customers, and got a lot of orders; and in Italy,Britain, Russia, southeast Asia, Raywin has set up its own agents andafter-sales service system

In the domestic market of China Telecom,China Mobile, Petrochina and other industrial customers, relying on the parentcompany Yuchai closely,Raywin has obtained a large number ofbidding projects, especially in the military bidding market, and theproducts have been highly appraised for its compact structure,excellent performance and high reliability.

Focusing on the market demand of customers, RAYWIN has perfected the product development of the whole series of application fields, Has formed the full range of land power generation,marine engine,the agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, which has greatly satisfied the market demand.

Furthermore,In the coming 2019,RAYWIN is determined to focus on product development, focus on foreign markets, and achieve greater breakthroughs, becoming the leading brand in the field of small-displacement Non-road diesel engines in China.