2019, Burning Ourselves, Fight for the Cold Winter


Thedays flyby,In atwinkling, it stands on the tail of 2018 again.Thisyear, in complexity,we return to the essence.Thisyear, the wind and clouds surge, we seek to changeinnovation.2018,RATO eventsyou need to know,2018, Let’sreview together.


“Thisis thebest of times, this is the worst of times. This is the spring of hope,this isthe winter of despair.Uncertainty is the basic characteristics of thisera. Ifwe want to maintain the sustainable survival and development ofenterprise inthis era, we need to be able to keenly identify uncertainty andcontinuouslystrengthen our ability to manage uncertainty.

In2018,Westruggle to survive in uncertainty.In2018,a trade war broke out betweenChina and United States,and $250 billion ofChinese goods exported to the US arein the tariff list.In2018, China’s Auto market turned a corner, showingnegative growth for thefirst time in the past 28 years.In2018, strictsupervision and risk prevention will become the top priority inthe financialindustry.


No matterhow the market environment changes,customer demand is always there. As long aswe can create value for customer inan efficient, high-quality and low-cost wayand do better than our competition.In2018, we return to concentrate on creatingthe core cool competitiveness.

Part 1Focused

In2018, weadjust the business structure, focus on the main battlefield and putthe limitedenergy and resources into places where food can be produced.

Rato Scienceand Technology

Successfullydeveloped new customer such asEndress in Germany, Champion in US, AUTECO inColumbia;Further deepen the cooperation with CPL,ELE andother large customerand achieve innovation sales;Static frequency converter generator productsstandfirm in the Japanese market, the total sales made a breakthrough which ismorethan 17,000 units.


RatoIndustry successfully ranks among thefirst-class supplier of Chongqing JinkangNew Energy Automobile and BrillianceXinyuan Chongqing Automobile, realizing thebreakthrough from  second-level supplier to first-level supplier.


11 creditgranting banks and 33 financialinstitutions have been established forcooperation;Cooperation with China Construction Bank tocomplete the nationalfirst export insurance business investment, with theinvestment scale exceeding10 million US dollars;Complete the first financing lease loan ofold-age careindustry in Chongqing;Further deepen cooperation with China MerchantsNew EnergyGroup, the annual investment realizes 875 million CNY.


Successfullywon the bid for China Mobile, ChinatTelecom, Sinopec and other well-knowncustomers.

Part 2Innovation

In2018, wecontinue to increase R&D, and use the technological innovation todrive thefuture development.

Rato Scienceand Technology

Successfullydeveloped new engines RGF200,RK110, which has broad market;The 3000w silentfrequency convert generator setupgrade version and the 700w silent frequencyconvert generator which wassuccessfully developed and launched, making themarket competitiveness greatlyimproved;The laboratory has invested in theevaporationemission test system with international leading technology, and hasbecome theindustry leader in Chongqing.


Passthe testof door decoration board of Chongqing Jinkang New Energy Automobileproject S106process and also the process of high-gross injection molding andvibrationfriction joint.


The3-Cylinderengine has passed the certification test of the state inspection agencyonce andobtained the certificate of the stage III;Marine engine has been certificatedby Europeanmarine engine emission certificate, and exported to British marketin bulk;Engine supporting terminal products become thefirst in the industry torun 1000 hours without failure products.

RatoAdvanced Technology Research Institute

In January2018, Rato Advanced TechnologyResearch Institute was formally established;InDecember 2018, chairman Zhu Liedong wasinvited to attend China-Spain innovationBBS and give a keynote speech on “digitaldevelopment”.In December 2018,Rato-Tsinghua-Berkeley jointlaboratory was established in Shenzhen.


In2018, weobtained efficiency from management and vitality from mechanism.In 2018, wefully implement the strategyimplementation system from strategy decoding toperformance evaluation andassessment, and shaped the implementation culture andperformance culture.In 2018, we built a flat organization andcompoundemployees, constantly make small organizations and fine organizations,andstrive to respond to customer needs with high efficiency and low cost.In2018,with the goal of “Building Agile Rato”, we comprehensively carried outprocesssorting and optimization, process system construction, IT constructionandpotential improvement.


In 2018, wemet the challenge as strivers;In the increasingly fierce competition, onlybyrelying on the continuous hard work of all the staff can we survive.Ourstruggle subjectively for their own and family happiness, objectively forthesurvival and development of the company. We should put the struggleintopractice in our system and process, and tilt resources towards strivers sothatthe struggle can take shape.

In 2018, thecolumn “Rato People” was launchedto set an example and spread the Ratospirit.The seminar on corporate culture was held and”struggle”wasclearlydefined as one of the core values of Rato people.In 2018, we actively exploredways to incorporatethe culture of striving into our processes and system.In2019, wewill face even greater challenges;Seek survival through reform,development andexploration.Strivers,Let’sfight for 2019 together.