Yuchai Raywin's adjustment strategy is effective and welcomes customers' orders


At the beginning of the new year, The company has cooperated withYuchai to take advantage of the resources of both shareholders. That is, Raywinis responsible for the development of overseas markets and productapplications. Yuchai is responsible for the development of the domestic marketand the development of after-sales services.

Through the refocusing of the company's resources and constantproduct refinement, the company has ushered in a spurt market return in the newyear. At present, it has accepted the cumulative order to double the salesvolume of last year, and Turkey, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Africa andother countries have placed orders or additional orders.

In order to alleviate market pressure, the company's variousdepartments work overtime, day and night; at the same time, throughtechnological reforms, expand production capacity. Try to meet market demand.Everyonesaid that they should cherish the current good market opportunities, providehigh-quality products to customers, and provide a benchmark and catch-upexample for China's high-end non-road power products.