Another new key product launched into the market


At the beginning of February 2019,Yuchai Raywin three-cylinder machine successfully realized small amountproduction and delivered to customers.

The three-cylinder 1.1L product is a new generation ofsmall-displacement diesel power developed by the company's Italian developmentteam. It is widely used in small agricultural machinery, engineering and powergeneration. It can directly reach the China’snational standard Stage IV. From project start to delivery product .YuchaiRaywin has extensively used its customers with quality as its first goal, andhas listened to and adopted the opinions of many customers. Utilize excellentsupplier system, carry out high-standard inspection of each component, andcarry out uninterrupted reliability test on the whole machine to make theproduct performance meet the design expectations.


The launch of the 3C11 series notonly completes the company's product line, but also provides a better and morecomprehensive power solution to the world wide customers.

This is not the end of Raywinproducts. This is just a new starting point for Runwei products. Raywin willadhere to the spirit of “achievement of customers, struggle-oriented,continuous improvement”, and take it to the next level. In the near future, wewill provide customers with more.