RATO Participated the International Agricultural&Gardening Machinery Exhibition -EIMA, the High-tech


On November 7, Beijing time, the International Agricultural&Gardening Machinery Exhibition -EIMA was officially opened in Bologna, Italy. As the largest and most influential professional agricultural and gardening machinery exhibition in the world, EIMA attracted more than 2000 exhibitors from more than 50 countries around the world.

RATO Technology and RAYWIN, the companies under RATO Group, are the only Chinese manufacturer to exhibit in the International Pavilion with a booth area of more than 100 square meters, which shines on the European stage and exhibits such products as General Engine Power, Generator, Frequency Converter Generator, Water Pump, Microtiller and a new series of electric tools. The power has demonstrated the outstanding development trend of RATO products and technology. 


The 450mm-1350mm wide series of micro-tiller products cover all the uses of small agricultural machinery, with high-end appearance and high cost performance, which attracts the attention of many exhibitors.

This new high-speed water pump is the first high speed engine for the whole industry. The pump body specially designed for high-speed engine is the first in the whole industry. It is at the forefront of the self-priming pump for gasoline engine in the world. It can replace the conventional pump and high-lift pump in the market, and has one machine and two functions.

The newly launched 40V lithium electronic products, including hair dryers, oil saws and other products, were presented in this exhibition, which was highly praised by exhibitors.

RAYWIN’S 18.5kw-36kw 4-cylider series of diesel engines for power generation, small in size and low in noise, is the industry leader in technology and quality.This exhibition not only further promoted the popularity of the RATO Brand in Europe, but also through the mutual communication between the industry, especially the positive feedback from the top terminal brand customers in Europe, greatly expanded the thinkings of RATO brand follow-up research and development and innovation, and it laid a good foundation for RATO to explore new markets.