Rayin won the top 10 award of technical innovation in engineering machinery components in 2017


On November 28th, 2017, CMIIC 2017 China Engineering Machinery & Internet Conference and Brands Cermony was held in Bo`Ao, HaiNan province.More than 300 people from national ministries, industry associations , industry experts, business elites and end users attended the conference.The technical innovation award of engineering machinery components was also unveiled at this gala.

In this selection campaign , Raywin brought out the new launched 3C11 series engine to participate the campaign.After more than seven months of  Internet voting, end user ratingsand expert reviewing,

Raywin 3C11 series engine through out the intense competition from mega brands, and won the "technology innovation award" this year.  However Raywin can hold such a valuable cup award most depends on the high recognition of  3C11 series in industry insiders . The 3C11 series of engine are compact , small size and light weight(The weight of the engine less than 100kg) ,easily fitting, using tunnel block without cylinder sleeve, good rigidity,   low oil consumption (oil/fuel ratio is less than 0.1%), NVH, combustion optimization, low noise and small vibration, the world advanced level in peer products ,high power,and high speed,so the 3C11 series engine is the ideal power resource of high speed transplanter, plant protection machinery and other agricultural and small construction machinery .That`s  the reason why engines can obtain the high recognition of the industry insiders and users.