Marintec China , Beyond your imaginations on Raywin diesel engines


Marintec China ,the most influential and large-scaleprofessional maritime exhibition , also be regard as the indicator of marine developing trend, has ended in ShangHai new international exhibition center on Dec 8th 2017.In the exhibition, Raywin brought the 4D24T diesel engine and compete with other prominent diesel brands.

 Through the four days of exhibition, Raywin get the attention from majority of industry insiders. The D24T series diesel engines displayed in the exhibition have the impact oversize and high density power output.Undoubtedly Raywin is an outstanding brand with the international first-class HVN design and high performance,low noise, little vibration engines. On other side the  engines` matching stability is  so great that can meet the power requirements from all types vessel such as small yachts,fishing boats,etc..

   The Raywin general manager , Su Wei, attended the exhibition and negotiate with domestic and  foreign  marine distributors in person.. After the communications, Raywin got the cooperation intention from Russian, South Korean, and other oversea marine distributors. Even the Russian distributor placed the batch order directly int the exhibition,and they expressed they would push the Raywin diesel engines in Russian small horsepower machine market that can help Raywin lay a solid foundation of expanding the oversea marine markets.

The Raywin engines got the applause from foreign clients as well as the the high recognition  from domestic peers. When the visitors know the engines in the exhibition stands are totally same with the formal commercial engines, they realized the Raywin is an extinguish national engine manufacture because the displayed marine engines are amazing compact. The visitors who have the actual requirements all revealed their huge interests, hoping both sides can arrange the further technical negotiation after the exhibition and would like to install the Raywin engines in their vessels as soon as possible.