2018 Board of Director


On August 30, 2018, the board of directors of Raywin powertrain technology co.,ltd held a meeting inJining Yuchai,Five years past, Raywin powertrain technology co.,ltd has been gradually accepted by customers around the world due to its accurate product positioning, performance and reliability and the world-class level quality.Sales orders explode increase in July 2018,In this context, the board of directors convenes in a timely manner, putting forward new requirements for the work focus on the next stage

1. Making use of the advantages of the parent company and develop on the shoulders of giants

2. Fully introduce high-end technical and management talents makes Raywin become a world-class small power non-road engine supplier;

3. Laying a solid management foundation and effectively improving the labour productivity.

In accordance with the requirements of the board of directors, Raywin will work hard to achieve production plan in this year.