Present Zhu ,chairman Yan and its group guidance in Yuchai Jining plant


On the afternoon of August 30, Mr Zhu, President of RATO group, Yan Ping, chairman of the board of YUCHAI Group, Wu Qiwei, President of YUCHAI Group,, LI Hanyang, party secretary of YUCHAI Group, Wang Limin, vice President of YUCHAI Group, Su Wei, general manager of RAYWIN, Zhong Yuwei, Senior director of strategic planning and other leaders to JiNing guidance work.

President Zhu, with his party, visited the Jining Yuchai production workshop. At the site of the cylinder line, cylinder head processing line, assembly line, and test line, they focused on the production situation of the assembly line, the operation of the equipment, the current production capacity, and the staffing and stability and other specific issues. Jining Yuchai introduced the current production target completion of cylinder head and the operation after the 4R production in details.

After that, President zhu and his party conducted in-depth discussions with leaders of Yuchai on a series of issues, such as equipment relocation, personnel allocation and product market opportunities and asked plant to step up implementation of various work, seize market opportunities and solve existing problems actively.President zhu also visited the  technical staff in Yuchai plant.