Ceremony of National Day Raywin Engine in parade float for Qinghai and Hunan


Ceremony of National Day | Raywin Engine in parade float for Qinghai and Hunan.

  On October 1, the People's Republic of China celebrated the 70th birthday celebration, and celebrated the day and celebrated the earth. In the grand mass parade, 70 groups of parade floats accompanied by 100,000 people slowly drove through Tiananmen Square, Vividly present the spirit of solidarity of all people. Building the Chinese dream together

  The 4D24TG0 diesel engine of Raywin Powertrain Technology Co., Ltd. provides generator power for the Hunan floats of the “Hunan Today” and the Qinghai floats of the “China Water Tower”, with stable and outstanding performance, which is the highlight of the floats in the two provinces. Demonstrating the superior performance of the Raywin engine.

  It is reported that the floats participating in the 70th anniversary of the National Day have extremely high requirements in terms of quality, environmental and safety. Raywin 4D24TG0 engine, which has the characteristics of meeting Euro III emission standards, Unconditional Quick Start, High-density power output, strong, reliable, durable, low noise, low vibration, etc., has stood out from many competitors and has become the power provider of the provincial float generator set for Qinghai and Hunan.

The good performance of the National Day celebration highlights the research and development and manufacturing strength of Raywin. In the future, Raywin will continue to provide high-quality diesel power to help the early realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!