Raywin Powertrain Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed the relocation


 Raywin Powertrain Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed the relocation

    With the continuous expansion of the company's business scale, the requirements for production conditions, test evaluation resources, and backup support resources are increasing, especially from relevant departments.


   In order to further agglomerate the Group's resources and social resources and create better conditions for the company's development, the company started the company's relocation work in August this year, moved from Chongqing Liangjiang New District to Jiangjin Shuangfu Industrial Park, which lasted about two months, successfully completed the relocation work.


   At the same time of relocation, the company re-planned and laid out the test evaluation equipment and assembly site, added new National IV emission test equipment, and simultaneously launched the development of Euro V emission new products. Added stamina for the long-term development of the company


    By the way, the company will complete the annual production and production targets in advance in October, and at the same time start production preparation work next year;


     Due to the company's dazzling performance and grand idea for development this year, Jiangjin City also listed the company as a key development project at the district level, with key support.