RAYWIN’s Reliable Power for Telecom Industry


The gen-set for telecom industry requires strictly high quality diesel engine, RAYWIN has achieved approval from many telecom industry gen-sets manufacturers, and batch entered telecom gen-set market.

RAYWIN 4D24 series(YUCHAI Group 4R series) diesel engine’s prime power is ranged from 18.5kW to 36kW, can be used for 16kW~30kW gen-sets. All the diesel engines of 4D24 series are accordance with GB20891-2014 standard,and get approval of EU Stage IIIA and Chinese Stage III emission level.

For the different load requirement of telecom gen-set, RAYWIN supplies variable speed engine for gen-sets, the working speed varies from 1000rpm to 3000rpm, which saves fuel consumption and cost consequently。Furthermore, RAYWIN supplies long maintenance period option for remote region users, which reduces manpower and logistics cost for routine maintenance. 

For more technical details, please contact RAYWIN’s relating marketing departments.