Well Preparation In The First Half Of The Year, Breakthrough In The Second Half


This year, RAYWIN combined their own advantages,accurate positioning and system organization, in the first half RAYWIN has shoneat Middle-East Electric Power Show and Nanjing International AgriculturalMachinery Exhibition. RAYWIN’s influence to the market continues to expand,product sales show positive and progressive tendency. 

As RAYWIN’s key products, the generatordrive power engine with its high performance, low noise, compact structure and beautifulappearance has been the favor of domestic and foreign customers. We have establisheda cooperative relationship with more than 20 domestic and foreign well-knowncustomers and began small batch produce. 

In tractors and crop protection powerfield, RAYWIN cooperate with the internationally renowned agriculturalmachinery manufacturer actively to response to the market changes, massproduction has been started which enriches the company's product structure. 

Since the second half of last year, thesales of RAYWIN have been steadily increasing in the domestic and foreignmarkets, the enterprise efficiency, market confidence and product quality continuesto improve, all of which presenting a positive momentum.

In the second half of this year, RAYWINwill continue to force to consolidate the results of the first half, whilefurther pay close attention to product quality, market demand-oriented,continue to deepen the system changes, and constantly improve the product line,enhance product competitiveness and market acceptability. To promote the 3-cylinderseries engine and marine power market applications, to achieve a qualitativeleap.