Raywin Powertrain Participate the MEE in Dubai with New Engine


                                                         Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

The annual MEE was successfully exhibited at the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE from March6 to 8, 2018. As a highly influential professional electric power and energyexhibition in Middle East and the world, the exhibition was initially held in1975, in the past 43 years, it has been developed into a professional andimportant platform that manufacturers can explore the Eurasian market, grasp the current trends in the international market, master the latest technologyand sign the contract with the customers.

 The Raywin Leaders Took Photos with the Exhibition Visitors

With the new engine, Raywin featured in this exhibition with the top engine brands rival Perkins, Cummins,Scania, FPT, Kubota, Yanmar and Mitsubishi. Through the three-day exhibition,Raywin wan the favor and attention of the industry insiders. Compact, reliable,lower fuel consumption and eco-friendly are the most important features of Raywin engine. The series of 3C11 and 4D24 engines are designed from different angles. Through compact engine structure, excellent parts configuration,extraordinary engine system debugging, it highlights the uniqueness and advanced nature of China manufacture in the world design trend.



Raywin Staff Communicate with the Visitors, Introducing the Performanceof the Exhibits

As a well-known supplier of off-highway low-power engine, the exhibits of Raywin engine attracted the eyes of the visitors. The low-energy, super eco-friendly product design concept,compact product shape, low noise, vibration experience made it unique and attracted many visitors at home and abroad. At the scene,Raywin staff communicated with visitors and introduced focusing on the performance of the exhibits and its design concept. The staff distinguished the Raywin's off-highway engine and traditional engine in the fields of energy consumption,environmental protection concept, users experience and other aspects of the difference, and answered in the field of the use, regulation, maintenance and other professional questions.Raywin had a good interaction with the visitors;and got the high recognition of the visitors.

When many domestic exhibitors knew that the exhibited sample engine were commodity machines, all said that in the domestic brandseldom manufacturer could make the off-highway low-power engines in such exquisite and efficientmany exhibitors and distributors with practical needs generated strong interest in Raywin engine. Most of them required to arrange both-side engineers to carryout detailed technical exchanges after the exhibition, strive for their own products can be assembled with Raywin engine.

         In the exhibition, the leaders of Raywin visited the conference hall, received many new and old customers from different countries, and negotiated with the industrial experts, distributors, buyers; many of them placed orders directly at the exhibition, which made great foundation for Raywin in the foreign engine market.

In the Dubai MME, the exhibited engines were independently made by Raywin from the aspects of R & D,production, marketing and service, in order to meet the demand of domestic and foreign off-highway machinery for high quality diesel engines in China, Raywin relied on the National R&D center of Yuchai Group and international expert teams from Italy, the United Kingdom and Japan, making constant innovation and breakthrough contributed to the great success of Raywin in the exhibition,believing that Raywin would be a domestic and foreign first choice brand nameof off-highway low power engine in future.