The Marine Engine Briefing of Raywin in Chongqing Made a Perfect Ending


On 16TH March, 2018, Raywin held the marine diesel engine briefing in Chongqing Tian Lai Hotel successfully with Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group CO., LTD. The meeting invited the Chongqing Ship Design Institute, Chongqing Ship Survey Bureau, China Classification Society CCS, industry experts,dealers, buyers, new and old customers etc., the delegates are more than 200 people,to attend.

In this meeting, the leader of Raywin addresses the participants concerning the advantages of the company technology, production, quality assurance etc. and the main products, the market share, and some important achievements.

           R9C60         Raywin Staff Introduce the Performance of the Engine

With the new marine diesel engine R9C60, the leadership of Raywin came to the meeting to introduce the performance and design concept of exhibited engine.The low-energy, super eco-friendly product design concept, compact product shape, low noise, vibration experience which made it unique and attracted many delegates.At the scene, Raywin leadership communicated with visitors and introduced the performance of the exhibits and its design concept. The leadership distinguished the Raywin's non-road engine and traditional engine in the fields of energy consumption, environmental protection concept, users experience and other aspects of the huge gap, and answered in the field on the use,regulation, maintenance and other professional questions. Raywin engine got the high recognition of the industrial experts, and the Ship Design Institute, and signed a cooperation contract with several ship manufacturers.