RAYWIN Diesel engine entering into blue ocean


As new orders keep pouring in overseas department in Raywin powertrain Technology, company provides strongly support for the rapid development of overseas markets. In recent years, the overseas market signed diesel engines distributor agreement with customers in Turkey,Russia, Negria,Iraq, Malasia,Singapore in countries and district.With continuous improvement of technology and quality of RAYWIN products and We started our business in Europe, we promoting our brand rapidly through the whole Europe and radiate the whole world as our branding strategy and marketing strategy. Our  product has stood a severe proof and got high praise from our customers.RAYWIN come into the sight of foreign customers to receive review.

In September, Raywin diesel engines will sail to the African continent and arrive at the port of Lagos. If the products of Raywin are a stepping stone to the global market in Europe, then this new order demand is a further recognition of the nationalization and quality of our product brands. At present, Raywin has gradually gained a place in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Afterwards, Raywin will continue to expand its territory and will soon leave a footprint in the Americas.