Raywin passed 1000hours maintenance-free tes


Last one year, Raywin cooperate with an internationally renowned communication company and passed  1000hours maintenance-free test,uninterrupted reliability test which has a complete success,test start from zero,no cleaning, no replacement, no adjustment of any engine parts, only add fuel oil,The entire test process, extremely low  diesel consumption, oil consumption and low noise has won great praise from customers.

We are the first company which test from zero and successful. Some other brand try to have such test like this but failed, this test represents the quality, reliance and technology scale of Raywin products standards to the international first-class level and have ability to contend with first level company around the world. Also Raywin open a door which enterance to international high-end communication market. At present, more and more internationally famous OEM plant work together with Raywin. We have strong believe Raywin will become an internationally famous Non-road diesel engine supplier in the nearly future.