Raywin general engine through sales to achieve breakthrough


Raywingeneral engine through sales to achieve breakthrough



In2019, under the excellent situation of engine and marine production and salesbreakthrough, Raywin pursued the victory and cooperated with Yuchai Company tolaunch an attack on the general machine market. The company gathered resourcesand spared no effort to develop domestic construction machinery. In theagricultural machinery market, they have made breakthroughs in the harvestingmachines, construction machinery, rice transplanters and tractors with domesticleading enterprises, from technical docking, supporting design, prototypeproduction, supporting experiments to rectification design. Be striving forexcellence and meticulousness. They rushed in time, rushed to the schedule, didnot fear the dangers, and fought in the first line of the test. In a shortperiod of time, they completed the terminal test matching. The products wereobtained by customers with excellent performance, beautiful appearance andtight structure. And finally agreed to release orders to replace their existingimport power In order to complete the bulk order of rice transplanter, aerialwork vehicle and harvester in a short time, the company carefully organized themass production preparation team, and adjusted the procurement, quality, anddeveloper topics. They went deep into the supplier and formulated a viableproduction preparation plan, and everyone was around the clock. In a very shortperiod of time, the delivery of bulk orders with quality and quantity has beengreatly appreciated by customers.

Inthe future, Raywin engine will continue to exert its strength in the field ofgeneral engine, and take advantage of the technological advantages and emissionadvantages of the products to raise the output of the machine to a new level.