Yuchai Raywin actively develops National IV products and prepares for the coming market in the comi


 The non-road mobile machinery National IV emission standards will be officially implemented by the end of 2020.  In view of the far-reaching impact of the national four-emissions upgrade on the engine and machinery industry, which is greater than the national III emissions upgrade, the major OEMs began planning for the preparation of the National IV upgrade project as early as 2018.  After the previous technical research and market demand visits, Yuchai Raywin has started the National IV projects in the second half of last year.

National IV products have been greatly improved and upgraded on the original 4R national III models. The Bosch high-pressure common rail technology will be adopted for the first time. The supercharged intercooler + electronically controlled EGR+DOC+DPF technical route will not only meet the emission requirements, but also its power range.  It will be widened to cover most of the target market from 50 hp to 75 hp.  This product will inherit the advantages of lightweight, compact and easy maintenance of the original National III products, and greatly improve the reliability and scalability of the products.  After the successful listing of National IV products, it will not only enrich and enhance Raywin's product line, but also better meet the high-end demand in the market and expanding the market.  Not only that, on the basis of the successful development of the National IV, the products of the National IV will continue to be upgraded slightly, and the Euro V products can be launched soon.  The future Euro V products will have the ability to open up the EU market and further strengthen and expanding the overseas market.

 The National IV project was jointly developed by Yuchai Raywin and Yuchai Machinery. Raywin's product developers are working in a detailed and orderly design. All detailed design will be completed this month and parts production will be carried out. It is expected to complete the ignition of the prototype of the National IV project in September.