Raywin Marine Engines at Venice Boat show Italy 29 May till 6 June 2021


A 3 cylinder Raywin 3CII Marine Series 17.5KW@3000 rpm was displayed by our Distributor BIMOTOR at the recent Venice Boat show held from 29 May to 6 June 2021. The show was well attended and represented by Bimotor CEO Mr Ettore Brunero and GM Mr Rinaldo Marengo along with Engineering and Marketing teams.


Says Mr Rinaldo the show drew good crowdand we had a good success with many customers in the marine and boat Industry expressing deep interest in the this Raywin compact Engine. 

Says Rajesh Sadhu our Vice President“Raywin 3 Cylinder Marine Engines have now received the necessary CCS certification. Plans are being put in place for further Certifications for propulsion application, both for pleasure and commercial for EU and other markets”.