Raywin first batch of National IV Standard diesel engine


  Raywin first batch of National IV Standard diesel engine delivered to domestic customers.

  Raywin Powertrain Technology Co., Ltd.Is proud to announce the delivery of the first batch of the China national IV emission standard Engines.

  Raywin Power Train Technology manufactures world renowned compact diesel engines.The power range covers from 9kw to 55KW water-cooled multi-cylinder diesel engines known for compact size and good fuel efficiency. Raywin has won a large number of high-qualitycustomers at home and abroad. RaywinEngines are also EU stage Vemission complaint.

  Raywin Engines have worked as a high quality import substitute products. The use and application of the Raywin engines is across telecommunications, emergency, Marine and other regional markets.

  Mr Walter Su GM and Rajesh Sadhu VP are also pleased to announce introduction of never models of engines extending the range of Raywin Engines upto 100 Kva.