Raywin Accelerates Expansion of Overseas Markets


With the acceleration of the global layout of RAYWIN diesel engines, RAYWINhas accelerated its pace of exploring overseas markets.

Starting from the first half of 2023, RAYWIN and overseas agents frequently appeared at Power Gen in the United States, Key Energy in Italy, and Willis Maritime Show; CTT Engineering Machinery Exhibition in Russia and Busan Maritime Exhibition in South Korea launched global product promotion activities. Combined with the company's latest 3-cylinder 1.6L and 4-cylinder 3.8L, the company has achieved full power coverage of products ranging from 6kW to 60kW, with terminals capable of covering ship engines, pump engines, power generation, engineering, and agriculture. At the exhibition, RAYWIN diesel engines with high-quality performance and quality were favored by customers, receiving excellent market feedback and laying a solid foundation for RAYWIN to build a global brand.