Product Introduction:
1. This type of engine is small in size and light in weight, so that it can be installed and used in a small space;
2. The tunnel structure is adopted, so that the reliability of the engine is guaranteed, and the noise is effectively controlled;
3. This engine has the characteristics of high torque and high torque reserve;
4. The PTO output torque is large, and the hydraulic pump works safely and reliably;
5. The layout of oil filter and diesel filter is reasonable, so it is easy to disassemble and maintain;
6. The unique oil consumption technology ensures that the oil consumption rate is lower than 0.15L/KW.h;
7. The international brand fuel pump is used together with low-friction technology to ensure lower fuel consumption and more
Good speed regulation; at the same time, the engine can be equipped with Weifu electronically controlled VP rotor pump, so that the speed regulation is within 1%;
8. The temperature of the engine inlet and outlet water is lower than 6 degrees, which ensures that customers have better terminal matching.


NO. Items Technical parameters
1 Engine Model 4E38TG3/F 4E38TG2/F 4E38TG1/F 4E38TG0/F
2 Engine Type Vertical, In line, 4 stroke, water cooled
3 Induction System Turbo
4 Combustion Chamber DI / ω shape
5 Cylinder NO. - Bore × Stroke(mm) 4-102×115
6 Valve NO. per cylinder 2
7 Displacement (L) 3.8
8 Compression ratio 17.5:1
9 Dry Weight (kg) 320 (include Radiator, air filter)
10 Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1163×888×715 (With Radiator, air filter)
11 Lubricating system Splash and pressure
12 Cooling system Forced water cooling closed cycle
13 Start method Electronic start
14 Speed governor type E-Governor
15 Fuel System Weifu inline pump + E-Governor
16 Oil capacity(L) 7L (subject to the actual charge amount)
17 Firing order 1—3—4—2
18 Direction of rotation Anticlockwise (Facing the flywheel)
19 Prime Power(kW)/speed(r/min) 50/1500 55/1800 60/1500 65/1800
20 Standby Power(kW)/speed(r/min) 55/1500 60.5/1800 66/1500 71.5/1800
21 Min. fuel consumption (g/kw·h) ≤235
22 Oil Consumption(g/kw·h) ≤0.2
23 Fuel type Summer: a product 0#, 10#, light diesel fuel
Winter: a product 0#,-10# -20#,-35# light diesel fuel
24 Oil type Summer:15W/40CF Winter:0W/30CF
25 Speed drop level GB/T 2820(ISO 8528) G2
26 Maximum allowable inlet resistance (kPa) 5
27 Maximum allowable exhaust pressure( kPa) 10
28 Smoke intensity of standard operating condition FSN ≤2
29 Noise Limit Lp dB(A) (bared engine)(1M) ≤102
30 Starter Power kW 3.5
31 Alternator Power kW 0.75
32 System voltage V 12V
33 Battery Type A 120Ah cryogenic battery is recommended for cold areas where temp below-5℃
34 Emitting level Non Regulated
35 Ambient Temperature -30~50℃( need add heater when temp≤-10℃)
36 Altitude high range at run area Recommend to use it at below altitude 2000m, Power correction is required when altitude exceed 2000m.